FOAM KIT - Legendary Car Care
FOAM KIT - Legendary Car Care


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Foam Kit comes in 2 options!

-Grab 1 Gallon of Legendary Foam, 1 16oz of Legendary Foam & a Wash mitt

-or a 16oz Legendary Foam & Wash Mitt

Swiftly lift dirt and debris from the exterior of your car, preserving paintwork quality and leaving a lasting shimmering shine. Fit for repeated and consistent use, this pH-neutral car shampoo will never degrade or damage your pride and joy. Highly concentrated and hard-hitting, our formula produces copious amounts of foam from just 1-2oz of product. Our Legendary Foam car shampoo provides outstanding results when loaded into a foam cannon or foam gun. Alternatively, if you’re using a bucket, you'll also see impeccable results.

  • The hard-hitting formula easily lifts dirt and debris
  • Leaves bodywork with a detailed gleaming glow
  • Mountains of foam created from a small amount of product
  • pH neutral formula protects against corrosion and degrading
  • Perfect for use with foam cannon, foam gun, or bucket