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Foam Gun Kit

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Legendary Foam Gun | Legendary Super Wash Mitt | Legendary Foam

  • Safely hand wash your vehicle 
  • Legendary's Foam Gun works with any standard hose
  • No need for a pressure washer
  • Spray Mountains of foam onto your vehicle 

Legendary Foam Gun Kit includes the products you need to effectively hand wash your vehicle. This pH-neutral car shampoo will never degrade or damage your pride and joy. Legendary Foam is a Highly concentrated and hard-hitting soap that produces extreme amounts of foam. Our Legendary Foam car shampoo provides outstanding results when loaded into our Legendary Foam Gun.


  1. Grab your Legendary Foam Gun Kit
  2. Fill the 32oz Legendary Foam Gun with 3/4 full of water
  3. Pour in 2-3oz of Legendary Foam (Water 1st, Soap 2nd or else you'll be getting a ton of bubbles in the canister)
  4. Close the canister and connect the spray nozzle end to your garden hose
  5. Pull back on the quick-release and insert the foam gun barrel 
  6. Turn on your water and get to washing