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Wheel & Tire Kit

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The Perfect combo for both your wheels and tire. This kit includes:

  • Wheel Cleaner 16oz
  • Tire Cleaner 16oz
  • Graphene Tire Dressing 16oz
  • Legendary's Tire Brush
  • Legendary's Detail Brush (Boar's Hair)
  • Legendary's Tire Applicator

Directions: Spray on our Wheel Cleaner onto your wheel. Be sure your wheel is cool to the touch, and allow the product to "React" for a couple of minutes or until the product turns purple. Use Legendary's Detail Brush to agitate the caked on brake dust and contaminates. thoroughly rinse with water after.

Proceed to Step 2: Spray on our Tire Cleaner across your tire, let the product dwell for up to 30 seconds, use Legendary's Tire Brush and scrub your tire to remove blooming, dirt, and old tire dressings. This will help our Graphene Tire Dressing adhere to the tire better and help the product stay on longer.

Step 3: Spray on Legendary's Graphene Tire Dressing onto Legendary's Tire Applicator and wipe over your tire evenly across the whole tire. You can add additional coats for a higher gloss. After that repeat the process on your other wheels and tires.