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This is our Medium Grade clay mitt. It will safely decontaminate your exterior surfaces with ease. Use our Quick detailer as lubricant to safely decontaminate your surfaces from dirt, dust, tree sap, pollutants, bugs, waterspots, etc.

Use this on paint, plastics, moldings, glass, and even wheels.

Use plenty of lubricant to avoid any marring.

What's the difference between this and a regular clay bar?

Our Clay Mitt can be used up to 40 times! Can a regular clay bar do that? Nope.

Drop your clay bar on the ground? It's done for and can't be used again safely, it will scratch the paintwork. Drop the Clay Mitt on the ground? No worries, simply wash it off with water thoroughly and it's back to new once again.

The clay mitt is so much bigger in size and has a hole you can put your hand in to ensure ease of use and get the job done in more than half the time!