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Diamond Shine Glass Cleaner Gallon

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No ammonia. No streaks. Just pure clarity. Legendary Car Care’s Diamond-Shine Glass Cleaner makes your vehicle the main event. Safe to use on tinted windows, its unique streak-free formula applies effortlessly for a fuss-free cleaning experience with zero residue left behind. One quick spritz is enough to tackle even the toughest of dirty glass with a powerful formula designed to dissolve dirt, grease, grit and grime, with superior clarity in seconds. We know you’ll be impressed as you watch your windows gain crystal-clear status in no time!

●    Pro-strength formula digs deep into dirt, stains, grime and grease
●    Enjoy a streak-free cleaning experience that won’t leave haze or smears behind
●    World-class shine and brilliance achieved in seconds
●    Suitable for standard and tinted windows
●    Pair with a microfiber towel to clean and buff to perfection