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Here is our Exotic Car Hacks Special Kit, exclusive discounted for ECH members only. 

This kit includes the fundamentals needed to keep your exotic looking it's best.

Each product in this kit will be safe for any of their intended surface:

Interior Cleaner - Whether your interior is alcantara, leather, colored, etc. Our interior will be safe for any interior surface. It is strong enough to remove stains, but gentle on your delicate interior surfaces.

Legendary Foam - We chose to go with this soap over our others as this product contains no wax. This is safe to use weather your paintwork is ceramic coated or not. We also recommend using this to clean your wheels with if you have carbon ceramic brakes.

Bug & Tar Remover - For the rally go-ers, you know you are going to get a ton of bugs on your paintwork. This will help loosen and dissolve those bug guts! If they are fresh on simply spray and wipe carefully with a towel. After be sure to use our detail spray to clean off the product.

Detail Spray - Perfect for shining up your vehicle or even "spot washing" and cleaning off your mildly dusty vehicle. Safe to use on ceramic coated and non coated paintwork.

Graphene Detail Spray - Extra Shine, Extra Protection, and can be used on top of any ceramic coated vehicles to add an extra level of protection.

All Purpose Cleaner - Heavy Duty Cleaner to clean your rubber mats, any stains, engine bay, super dirty wheels, exhaust tips, etc.