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Graphene Soap Gallon

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Legendary’s Graphene Soap contains graphene oxide ceramic resins that are found in coatings thereby boosting hydrophobicity with each and every wash. It aids in decontaminating and removing stubborn contaminates like road film and grime with ease without harming your coating, sealant or wax. This luxurious formula is capable of being used in a foam cannon, foam gun, or bucket.

  • Boosts Hydrophobicity
  • Contains Graphene Ceramic Resins
  • Helps Maintain & Revitalize Your Coating, Sealant or wax

For Foam Cannon/Gun use: 2-3oz of Legendary’s Graphene Soap
Bucket Washing use: 2-3oz and use Legendary’s Wash Mitt to wash your vehicle from top to bottom.