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Legendary Starter Kit

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Legendary's Starter Kit has everything you need to wash your vehicle or even start your own detailing company. This includes our Legendary Bag as well to keep with you on the go and easily transport your products anywhere you go.

  • Perfect Starter Kit
  • Legendary Bag included to take with you on the go
  • Includes the proper tools to increase ease and quality

Included in Legendary Starter Kit:

Interior Cleaner + Scrubber + Utility Towel: Spray on Legendary's Interior Cleaner and use the scrubber to agitate & remove dirt & stains from any plastics, leather, vinyl & upholstery. Use our Utility Towel to pick up all remaining contaminates.

Graphene Tire Dressing + Tire Applicator: Spray on our Graphene Tire Dressing onto our Tire Applicator and evenly coat your tire for a deep black finish.

Graphene Soap + Wash Mitt: Pour in 2-3oz of Graphene Soap into a Bucket, Foam Gun or Foam Cannon and use our High Quality Wash Mitt to glide over the soapy paintwork to safely remove any dirt and debris.

All Type Wheel Cleaner + Legendary Detail Brush: Spray on our All Type Wheel Cleaner evenly across your wheels and use our Detail Brush to agitate the contaminates on the wheel, rinse off after for a perfectly clean wheel.

Ceramic Detail Spray + Plush Towel: Spray on our Legendary Ceramic Detail Spray onto your clean paintwork and use our Plush Towel to wipe over the product for a Legendary Shine with added ceramic protection.