Legendary's Detail Brush (Boar's Hair)

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Legendary's Detail Brush is made up of Premium Boar's Hair that is soft to the touch on sensitive surfaces with a durability that lasts for years. 

  • Gentle on sensitive surfaces
  • Premium Durability | Lasts for years
  • Use on Detail vents, cupholders, leather, grills, lug nuts, calipers, engine bays, wheels, etc. 
  • Reaches into cracks and crevices 

Spray on your Legendary product onto the desired surface and agitate the surface with the brush. For interior use: Spray on our Legendary Interior Cleaner both onto the bristles of the brush and the work piece, use the brush to agitate the dirt, grease & grime from the surface, gently wipe off with Legendary's Utility Towel.