Legendary's Tire Brush

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Our Tire Brush:

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Powerful Scrubbing Power
  • Abrasion-Resistant - Lasts up to years of heavy use
  • Perfect size for all tires
  • Designed with comfort in mind when cleaning, let the brush do the hard work
  • Cleans off Browning, Tire blooming, old Tire Dressings


We wanted our brush to be comfortable, durable, and perfect in size. As a detailer you work on different vehicles all the time. We wanted a brush that's accurate with straight and direct bristles. Not bristles that go all over the place, as that can accidentally scratch the paintwork.

From exotic car tires to huge truck tires, this will be your go to brush.

Use with our All Purpose Cleaner on Tires to remove blooming and browning, and reapply our Legendary Gloss Dressing for a longer lasting finish.

Remember a cleaner tire surface = a better surface for a tire dressing to apply to. It also helps keep the dressing on there longer.