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Waterless Wash & Wax
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No water is a special product, use this as a complete waterless wash or rinseless wash. The chemicals will lift dirt from the surface, making it safe to remove with a microfiber towel with ease. This product does contain wax for a high gloss finish.This is perfect for those that have no access to water or have restrictions.

No Water can be used literally anywhere from your apartment, parking lot, mobile detailing, garage, in the middle of no where, etc! This ready to use formula is ready to go just spray on and get cleaning!

This intelligent formula will safely lift contaminates from the paintwork. It has been deeply tested and proven not to scratch.

Directions: Spray directly onto the paintwork, It is important to use a clean cloth. Wipe over with a lifting motion to safely remove the contaminates. Work with multiple towels. Buff off the wax with a clean microfiber
Your vehicle will now be safely clean, protected & shining clean!

Color : Purple 

Fragrance: Wild Cherry (personal favorite fragrance)

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